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Boost your E-Commerce Sales with this BAD ASS combination

This blog post was first published on my other website, A blog called, “Grow Your Online Store with Email.”

What if your Instagram page got deleted today? What would you do?

Your thousands of followers. GONE.

Every post you created. GONE.

Worst, Instagram doesn’t want to help you.


Scary AF right?

Well, this situation happened to a fabulous friend of mine.

Her Instagram page got hacked by a random teen, and he deleted all of her stuff! She contacted Instagram, and they couldn’t help her. So she had to create a new page.

This situation was heartbreaking because it was the #1 channel where she could engage with potential customers and clients.

Even though she was depressed, she had one channel left that helped her reunite with the people she lost.

Her email list.

When she started with her email marketing, she promoted her sign up on her Instagram, then her email list grew.

After she had lost her followers, she sent them an email explaining to them all the drama. Because her subscribers were so awesome, they followed her new Instagram page. Check her out here!


Having millions of followers on Instagram is great! In fact, it will help grow and improve your email marketing. But having loyal and active email subscribers can boost your online sales at a faster and higher rate.

So stop treating social media and email marketing separately. Combine your marketing efforts to create an online sales boosting machine.

Treat your marketing like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Both email and social media are crucial stages of the online shopping funnel presented below:


Social media is the TOFU. Its role is to attract strangers and turn them into followers. With relevant content, followers become website visitors who interact with your online store. When they sign-up to your newsletters, they get further down the funnel. This is called assisted conversions.

Email marketing is at the MOFU and BOFU. Its job is to turn your subscribers into customers by building relationships and reminding them of your latest sales. Their conversions are direct conversions.

That is why social media and email marketing are perfect for each other like chocolate and peanut butter.

Social Media is Peanut Butter

Social media is the peanut butter filling you love to take a bite of.

Most marketers can agree that social media is the biggest engagement channel.

It has this super special sauce called virality.

Your followers can share, like, and comment on posts at the tip of their fingers. It’s much easier for them to tag their friend then forward an email.

If you have 20K followers, your Instagram post will be visible to about 10K of them (an estimation due to their new algorithm). They will then tag their friends. Growing your exposure to 40K people.

With this engagement, you can use it to grow your email list. With more people seeing your email shout-outs, the more potential you have for opens, clicks, and conversions

giphy-downsized (1)


Email is Chocolate

Email marketing isn’t dead! It’s alive and kicking. It’s as essential as the chocolate coating on your favorite candy bar.

As a direct sales tool, it is 40x more successful at gaining new clients than Facebook or Twitter. And 66% of consumers still use email marketing to buy from a store.

Let me spit some game: People don’t like to be sold on social media. Meaning they don’t like too many blatant promotions.

They want to enjoy content without feeling the pressure to buy.

But if your followers sign up to your email newsletter, they have already accepted that you will be selling to them. So do it!

The best part is that email marketing doesn’t have to deal with the limitations of a social media algorithm.

Here’s another dirty truth about your Instagram page: You don’t own it. Facebook does. They have total control on how many people may see and engage with your content.

Here’s the real tea: Facebook has been decreasing their organic reach every year. According to Social Ogilvy, you can only reach 6% of your fans. It’s worst for pages with over 500,000 likes. Then it’s 2%. These limitations are a result of Facebook wanting more businesses to use their paid advertising features.

Mailerlite described it further:

If you have 2,000 email subscribers, 2,000 Facebook fans and 2,000 followers on Twitter, this is what you will get:

  • 435 people will open your email
  • 120 Facebook fans will see your message
  •  40 Twitter followers will see your message

Messed up right? But that’s the cost of using someone else’s platform. But this isn’t the case with your email list.

You own that sh*t!

Meaning you own the access to their personal information and the ability to sell to them.

You can sell without fear of being penalized. You can even export your subscriber’s personal data on other platforms and marketing services to learn more about them.

You can personalize and segment your list based on their behavior on your online store. You can send emails for:

  • Items left in cart
  • Product page history
  • Notifications for restocked items
  • And much more!

According to Campaign Monitor: Segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue, and personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates. So there’s a lot of money in email marketing.

giphy-downsized (2)

Now you know the strengths of each channel. But, you need to know how to use them together.

3 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Right Now!

Get your Sh*t Together

To integrate email and social media, you have first to integrate your marketing teams.

Your social media and email marketing teams need to work together to plan and produce content on both channels. You better get your editorial calendars information!

Try this:
For one month, your social media people will upload promotions about your email newsletters to increase subscriptions. Your email people will write and design amazing content that can be shared with social media.

Make sure you have a consistent theme across all of your owned channels. The content you post on Instagram should be in your email newsletter and vice versa. This will attract and please people in love with your brand.

HOWEVER, the same theme doesn’t mean the same POV. Give each channel a unique perspective of your content.

EX: Too Faced Cosmetics
To promote Coachella, Too Faced cosmetics posted photos of beauty influencers at the event and shared recommended products for that weekend.

In their email newsletter, they promoted Coachella again by sending festival-inspired looks with a link to the products used.


Sneak them into VIP

What’s so great about email newsletters, is that they have unique content that your subscribers can’t get anywhere else. Treat your email list as a VIP club that your followers would want to be a member of.

You can do this by:
Offering sign-up incentives (ex: 30% OFF first order)
Giving previews of email-only deals or discounts
Creating a fun and exciting landing page where they can sign up

Try this:
Create a snapshot of your latest email newsletter and upload it to social media. In your post, write how amazing it is to be on the list.

Ex: Melyssa Griffin and various Instagram accounts

Melyssa is an entrepreneur who uses social media to promote her online courses. She shares testimonials and behind-the-scenes photos about her courses.

She had a former post inviting her followers to sign up for her newsletters.

These other business owners also promoted their emails. And if you make your photos as cute as these, people will have no problem with your promotions.


Ask to Meet Their Friends

Earlier I said social media has a super special sauce called virality. But did you know emails can go viral too? YASS GURL! It’s just a little harder.

Practice referral marketing, by asking your current email subscribers to forward your newsletters to their friends and families.

Try this:
Tell your subscribers to forward your emails for an exclusive deal off your store. If you get a certain # of subscribers, you’ll give a certain perfect off your shop. For example:
100 New Subscribers = An Extra 10% Off Sale
200 New Subscribers = An Extra 20% Off Sale
300 New Subscribers = An Extra 30% Off Sale

Get it? And this offer should run only for a limited time. It’s best to start on a Monday then end it on that Sunday. Every promotion you said within that time is promoting this offer.

Ex: Hydro Flask.
They did the same thing I described above but for Facebook. They asked their subscribers to invite their friends to like them on Facebook. The more they liked, the more they saved.

Ex: Chris Penn. 

He features his most engaged subscribers in his emails to help build their audiences. He rewards the those with the most opens and click-throughs.


Hold Up! One last thing…

I hope you practice these tips for yourself.

And at least understand that you don’t have to pick peanut butter or chocolate in your marketing. You can level up and get yourself a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

Hell, if you email me at, I’ll buy you a pack of them for free!

You could be as happy as Kourtney Kardashian by sending me an email!

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