Case Study: 10X Your Freelance

Case Study: 10X Your Freelance

Background Information:

Build Your Freelance Foundation is the first course of an online training program called 10X Your Freelance. It consists of synchronous virtual classrooms within Zoom. Here are the skills and tools used:

  • Zoom Pro Version
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Podia
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Instructional Design
  • Graphic Design

The Problem:

A group of adult learners was seeking online training that would improve their business and marketing skills. However, they were disappointed with their past experience enrolling in self-paced online courses and higher ed distance classes. 

They suffered through boring presentations, disengaged instructors, and assignments that didn’t transfer job knowledge or skills. Many of these learners even regretted enrolling in online courses at their local college or university.

The Solution:

I decided to transform the typical remote learning experience by using advanced Zoom Pro features, attractive presentation slides, and interactive exercises. 

I also developed curriculums, job aids, and assignments that reflect real-world problems and increase memory retention within adult learners.

Students were given a choice to attend Zoom meetings 2 – 3x a week. Or, watch replays of these meetings in Podia because COVID-19 has disrupted their lives. 

Students were also asked to participate in live-discussions, annotate on PowerPoint slides, and use feedback tools to express their opinions better.

Here are the courses’ digital assets:

Virtual class from student’s POV
Job Aid – Infographic

The Results: 

Over several weeks, 50% of these students returned to attend these Zoom meetings or watch class recordings. They also submitted projects to their instructor.

This retention rate is 30% higher than average since 80% of online students never finish their online classes.*

There were no punishments or rewards available to influence student participation. They enjoyed their opportunities to learn.

Here is an assignment submitted by a student for feedback and to showcase their knowledge: 

Here are some student testimonials:

“I’ve spent $2000+ on online courses and training in the past 2 years. But, they were either full of fluff or very boring. I barely finished them. However, Beth’s virtual classrooms were different. She’s a very thoughtful instructor that cares about her student’s success. Her presentations, interactive exercises, and curriculum make you want to attend the next class. I never had an online course that was based on facts and data but was also relatable, fun, and easy to understand. I wish I found her earlier.”

Theo Mensah – Virtual Student, United Kingdom

“Beth is a superstar at remote teaching. For some, remote learning didn’t seem like a possibility until COVID hit. Luckily for them, Beth considered the best ways to help students learn for awhile. I took her freelance class, and the presentation was informative, interactive, and a lot of fun. Despite the remote aspect, Beth found ways to throw curveballs into her lessons to keep students engaged. I highly recommend this service.”

Kendell Burton – Award Winning Designer and Virtual Student

“Beth is a gift to online students. As a person who struggled with remote learning, she showed me how awesome online learning could be. Her lessons are so engaging because she clearly explains how the skills we’ll develop will be valuable in a professional environment.”

Jordan Kurker-Mraz – Virtual Student, United States

“Beth’s classes make me feel more knowledgeable, confident and empowered to achieve the goals I set when I first enrolled. Her expertise shines through her presentations and content designs, inspiring genuine participation amongst my fellow students and me. She’s passionate about building an accommodating, encouraging, and engaging online classroom environment that I truly enjoyed. Compared to past online classes I’ve taken, this was unique and refreshing.”

Rinu Ogundeji – Virtual Student, United Kingdom

“The interactive style of these online classes makes it easy to stay focused and retain information. Also, the real-life examples in these presentations make it easy to apply concepts into my life and business. Beth ensures that all her students have the resources needed to succeed.”

Rebecca Johnson – Virtual Student, United States