3 Ways to Build Trust With Remote Employees

In 2014, a massive flood hit the streets of Srinagar, India. Companies like Axelereant had their offices forced underwater. This caused CEO Akur Gupta to have an idea. He transformed his software agency into a 100% remote company. This removed the stress of returning to work after such bad weather. But this fast-thinking couldn’t prepare […]

We Hate Bad Bosses. So, Why Do We Become Them? Here’s the Research

“My last boss was a complete dictator. He micromanaged everything.” said someone on Reddit.

The person continued, “I tried to leave and applied for eight other positions in our company, and he blocked or destroyed every attempt.”

“She wasn’t a bad person, but she was just difficult to work with for [many] reasons. She had this knack for making people cry. She made me cry several times,” said another commenter.