Is this you?

Trouble with converting website visitors into leads?

Social media engagement is too low?

Email opens rates won’t increase?

Don’t have enough time or skills to write amazing content?

If yes, then you’re not alone.

Online marketing is hard AF! So I understand the struggle.

But this isn’t an excuse to not publish excellent and engaging content on all of your platforms.

Content marketing is the best method to convert strangers into paying customers.

It builds trust and confidence through relationship building instead of hard-selling.

But most businesses are failing because of these deadly mistakes:


What You’re Doing Wrong

You’re not relevant enough – You’re publishing content that your target customers don’t care about. You didn’t do enough research on what they like and the topics they follow.  

You’re too boring – Your articles are full of text. You don’t have pictures, GIFs, or videos to retain your audience’s attention.

You’re not cross-promoting – How are people supposed to follow your blog if you don’t promote it? Social media exists for a reason!

You’re not experimenting or analyzing – Marketing is a never-ending learning cycle. Look at your analytics to find the content your followers like the most.


How I Can Fix It
Market research drives me – Before I draft an article or email, I take the time to research a client’s competitors and online followers.

Pop culture inspires me – People pay more attention to headlines and content that relate to them. So I use breaking news and social media to draft content.

Secrets to shareability exposed – I use the most efficient blog writing techniques to entice online visitors to read until the end.

Free cross-promotion checklist – I’ll help you run the best outreach and advertisement campaigns to better promote your content.


I’m Your New Writing Bestie
I have written for 10+ online magazines and businesses for a variety of subjects:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Relationship & Lifestyle
  • Fitness
  • And Much More

Just check out my portfolio here.

Over the years, I developed a writing style that is:

  • Easy to read
  • Personable
  • SEO & Social Media friendly
  • Detailed and actionable
  • And a little sassy

Read my blog posts for a little taste.

Here are my current certifications:

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